Installations using reclaimed wood

check out this wood installation by barbara holmes


Bicycle Wheel and WaterPipe Yurt

3d students at Camberwell Chelsea Wimbledon Foundation Diploma course are being asked to build shelters, so I thought you might like to see my sustainable urban yurt, built as part of a yurt millenium project with spitalfields city farm.  made from bicycle wheels, water pipe and held together with inner tubes.


Frame construction.


Side wall made up from 32 bicycle wheels, and water pipe.


Yurt “roof” using a wheelchair wheel for the crown, and three supporting metal tubes.

Fixing the water pipe roofing to the crown using bicycle inner tubes. Detail of roof crown.

Frame then covered with clear plastic.


All packed up ready to  transport.



Animalistic sculptures from trash

see what artist bordalo does with trash


amazing things with wire

check out this video


Animals Etched onto Dirty Cars by Illustrator Nikita Golubev

Just using the dirt on a vehicle artist Nikita Golubev “draws” by cleaning!!


Homes Built From Trash

Fresh out of architectural school in 1972, Michael Reynolds immediately started to question much of what he had just learned. Why build houses with trees when forests are something we want to preserve? Why pay for electricity, water, and heat when all of it can be provided off-the-grid using existing materials and renewable resources like wind, rain, and solar?

Reynolds set out to design a home built from dirt, tires, aluminum cans and other repurposed objects and so successful others began to take notice. Now, an entire community lives in these unusual homes called ‘Earthships’ in Taos, New Mexico.


What happens to our clothes when we put them into the recycling?

Watch this video to see what happens to our clothes when we put them into a recycling bin.

Final resting place for cast off clothes


Plastic bottle cutter


Rescued an Exhibition

short film by the artist and works made from stuff that would otherwise have ended up in landfill