Inspirational videos and images relating to reusing and repurposing materials for art & design.


Lost & Found

For over ten years Blair Sommerville has single-handedly owned, operated and ceaselessly expanded the Lost Gypsy Gallery, his wonderland of homegrown wizardry and a playground for kids and adults alike. Using only recycled materials, Blair takes DIY to artistic extremes. His creations are ingenious, interactive, and often hilariously impractical. They take many shapes and forms … Continue reading Lost & Found

cardboard bike video link

Cardboard Bike Project

Recycled cardboard used for packaging is folded origami style to make it strong. It’s then treated to make it both waterproof, and fireproof. Ingenious!

caine's arcade video link

Caine’s Arcade

The story of 9 year old Caine, who spent his summer building an elaborate cardboard arcade inside his dad’s used auto part store, and a community that came together to make his day.